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Thermistor & LDR

September 17th, 2011 No comments
I finally have a normal reading from thermistor. I'm going to let my dad take a look at the electonic schematics. I suck at these schematics, learning quickly though. The LDR on the other hand was brease to connect. So now I have a led, which turns brighter when it goes darker. To allow for the dimming of a led you use Pulse Whith Modulation. For a good explanation on PWM, follow this link: It's been a good Netduino night 😉
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September 11th, 2011 No comments
I received my Netduino kit this weekend. It is a lot of fun. It's dead easy to connect, just install the SDK, plug it into the USB port and you'r off. What was a lot more difficult though, atleast for me, is make the electronic circuits. It's been ages since I've read these kind of schematics. I want to measure temperature and humidity in my house and send it to Pachube. I've been having some problems with water leaking into my houes. This way I can measure the humidty and see if I have fixed the problems adequatly. I was finally able to complete the circuit for my thermistor. It gives me a reading, but converting it into Kelvin is impossible for the moment. I don't have the proper Steinhart constants for my thermistor.
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