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March 30th, 2009 No comments
I failed to get my GVB yesterday :(. I passed the theory exam, but failed the 3 rounds of golf miserably.  The weather was good during the weekend, except for some rain on Saturday morning. Patrick, the golf pro, gave me some excellent tips to improve my swing. Played a 9 hole junior round and ended the day with some driving range work. At one point I was hitting 100 tot 110 meters with my iron 7, not bad if I do say so myself. The second day we started with some more chipping, after which we did a couple of puts. We ended the practise session with a standard par4 hole. I finished it in 6 so wasn't all to worried about the playing part of the exam. I passed the theory exam with only 3 wrong answers. Looking at how my golf had been up till then I was full of confidence for the tee off at hole 1. The first stroke was nice, made the shot easily, had some good distance. Second shot wasnt so good, but still managed to put in 7 (par4). From there on it went downhill and downhill very fast. The second hole I lost 4 balls in the water, 3rd hole another two. This made it impossible to for me to finish within in the mandatory 22 strokes. I choked, this has never happened to me before, but i honestly chocked. I do feel a bit gutted about not getting past the practical part of the exam. Mostly because I had been hitting very well the entire weekend. On the other hand I will be getting another weekend of golf pro lessons for free 😉
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Oranje vs. Scotland

March 29th, 2009 No comments
The Dutch football team just beat Scotland 3-0. It was quit an entertaining game to watch really, even though the Scots didn't put up a fight. Two good goals in the first half, remarkably they were both scored using the head. Which is normally where the Scots excel! Next wednesday we can qualify for the Worldcup 2010 in South Africa if we beat Macedonia, which we will 😉


March 26th, 2009 No comments
Urgh, woke up to find I had a major leak in my downstairs toilet. There was about a centimeter of water on the floor. I blame my neighbour, she recently renovated her house. She put a new roof on her part of the conversion. That's when the problems started. There was no leak, now with a new roof on her part of the conversion there is a leak. She says her part of the roof can't be the problem, because she has a new roof. She seems to trouble comprehending that putting in the new roof might be the cause of the trouble. Now it's time to see what the insurance covers exactly. Update: well insurance covers everything except structural damage :s. I did have a roofer over, he fixed the leak. The problem was definitely caused by the neighbour rebuilding her roof. So with some luck I can get her insurance to pay for the costs. We are both insured with the same company, so I don't expect any problems. But most importantly, I can now use the toilet without droplets of water falling on my head 😉
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March 20th, 2009 1 comment
For about 3 months now I've been using an open source BI application called Pentaho. I am somewhat new to BI and thinking in data-warehouse terms took some getting used to. Now that I have the ETL under control, reporting is starting to be a lot of fun. With some relatively simple queries you can make powerful reports, the use of dimensions gives you nice grouping options. About Pentaho, it's a collection of BI applications. It features ETL, data analysis, reporting and a scheduler. I only use the ETL, reporting and scheduling tools. The use has been somewhat frustrating at times. This was mainly due to the total lack of documentation. Documentation does supposedly exist, but I think its only available for paying customers. I would personally also like to see a bit more integration of the different applications. For instance, I have a report, on this report I want to show the parameters I used to create it. This can be done, but it requires first prepping the report, publishing it, then editing the .xaction file by hand, finally publish the edited .xaction file. Whenever I change something in the report and republish is, I have to go through all these steps all over again. I personally find adding the calling parameters to the report as such an obvious feature that I can't understand why it hasn't been implemented. The ETL part of the tool though is exceptionally powerful. There are many built-in steps available. If a step isn't there, you can always create your own steps (JAVA). Jobs and transformations can be nested indefinitely. It allows for the insertion of  javascript into the jobs/transformations, to do complex data manipulation. For more information take a look at:


March 19th, 2009 No comments
Urgh, damn frogs. Ajax played a great match yesterday. They lost 3-4 on aggregate to Olympique de Marseille. Ajax outclassed OM, but somehow they couldn't score the goals. Suarez and Sulejmani had a couple of chances where they should have really scored. There is probably one chance in particular Suarez will regret most for not taking full advantage. We can record the dying seconds of the regular play. Suarez is one on one with the goalie.  He just took a little bit to much time to controle the ball and was caught up by a defender. I guess it just wasn't to be. Yesterdays aggregate defeat does make me resent OM more and more. It was Marcel Desailly who personally ended the career of Marco van Basten in 1993. He was the defender in charge of keeping San Marco from scoring in the Champions League Final of that year.  The final was between Olympique de Marseille and AC Milan. I guess you could say Desailly did the job he was supposed to do, shame he had to do it by brutalisingvan Basten into submission.
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Plugin update

March 18th, 2009 No comments
Just a short update on my plugin. Its now refactored. The data is no longer encoded. And I've made it so that google can still index the site, even though you only see the qr codes when you visit the site!
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March 16th, 2009 No comments
I had a pretty good weekend. On friday I went for a couple of beers in the Rex in Essen (Belgium). Its a funny little bar, its a converted cinema. Very relaxed setting, a diverse group of people. Its funny how Essen is only a 15 minute drive from my home, but it's a very different atmosphere. The women dress much better, use less makeup, arn't so loud and are a lot thinner. On saturday I went to Hilvarenbeek for some drinks, this was a truly unique experience! I won't be explaining why I went to Hilvarenbeek, because well that was out of my hands. We (myself and Björn) entered a small bar, the closed sign was allready up at the door, but we could still enter. I think we had about 4 final rounds before we were kicked out around 3 am. Now I know what its like to go to a bar in a small village. I'll update this story sometime soon, when I can remember exactly what it is that we did again ;).
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It’s working

March 11th, 2009 5 comments
It's actually working. This is my first real QR code blog post. If you are reading this, you know what QR codes are so there is no need explaining it to you. Ive made a custom plug-in for WordPress that converts my posts to a qr code image and caches the image on disk. I stole most of the code for the plug-in, just to get it working quick and dirty. The next couple of days I'll be revamping my plug-in. Make sure it has a proper admin menu so I can change settings, maybe empty out the cache every now and then. And one more minor inconvenience to work out. How to get google to index my qr coded messages. Ill probably hide the human readable text in a div. Update: It isn't working as expected. The content I get from WordPress seems to be html Encoded. I tried recoding, but to no avail. Also, whenever I update a blogpost. The image cache isnt refreshed. So I think I'll be hooking in my plugin from the editor and not from the content showing. Update 2: I was being an idiot when I said that the image wouldnt be refreshed. The hash code identify the image in the cache is based on the content 😉
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