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March 19th, 2009 No comments
Urgh, damn frogs. Ajax played a great match yesterday. They lost 3-4 on aggregate to Olympique de Marseille. Ajax outclassed OM, but somehow they couldn't score the goals. Suarez and Sulejmani had a couple of chances where they should have really scored. There is probably one chance in particular Suarez will regret most for not taking full advantage. We can record the dying seconds of the regular play. Suarez is one on one with the goalie.  He just took a little bit to much time to controle the ball and was caught up by a defender. I guess it just wasn't to be. Yesterdays aggregate defeat does make me resent OM more and more. It was Marcel Desailly who personally ended the career of Marco van Basten in 1993. He was the defender in charge of keeping San Marco from scoring in the Champions League Final of that year.  The final was between Olympique de Marseille and AC Milan. I guess you could say Desailly did the job he was supposed to do, shame he had to do it by brutalisingvan Basten into submission.
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