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April 14th, 2009 No comments
Contrary to what I expected in my last blog post, Easter weekend was pretty good! Friday evening I went to play some futsal. We played 2 vs. 2 on a small court. To make it a bit more difficult we played with an extra small ball. I had a couple of good passes, some nice clean goals. Ended the evening with a nice shower, there is almost nothing nicer than having a good sweat and then a steaming hot shower. On Saturday I went to Maastricht with a special friend. Did some clothes shopping, enjoyed the weather, had a nice lunch and ended the day with tapas and a kiss. A very enjoyable day. Easter Sunday. Woke up to do some cleaning, as you do on Easter ;). Grabbed my PS3 and went over to my parents house. My sister, brother-in-law and niece were already there. Set up the PS and played FIFA09 with my brother-in-law. Showed him how you play the game ;). We normally play choosing our favourite teams, which means games end up being pretty predictable after you play Argentina vs. Brazil or Arsenal vs. Barcelona for the umpteenth time. This time, we used the square buttons to choose random teams. That adds a nice twist to the games. As a nice pause between games we had a excellent dinner. Nothing fancy, but really tasty. Around ten thirty I went home, about half an hour later my special friend came over for an unexpected visit. I stole another kiss ;). Easter Monday I did some more cleaning, play some WOW. Then I went into town for some wine and snacks. Went for dinner in het Hooihuis with my special friend again. I can truly recommend this place, good food, nice ambiance. Ended my Easter weekend watching the Quantum of Solace. Nice movie, nothing fancy. Rather unexpectedly I spent a lot of time with my special friend. We really enjoyed each others company. I hope this is an up step to something more.
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