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March 30th, 2009 No comments
I failed to get my GVB yesterday :(. I passed the theory exam, but failed the 3 rounds of golf miserably.  The weather was good during the weekend, except for some rain on Saturday morning. Patrick, the golf pro, gave me some excellent tips to improve my swing. Played a 9 hole junior round and ended the day with some driving range work. At one point I was hitting 100 tot 110 meters with my iron 7, not bad if I do say so myself. The second day we started with some more chipping, after which we did a couple of puts. We ended the practise session with a standard par4 hole. I finished it in 6 so wasn't all to worried about the playing part of the exam. I passed the theory exam with only 3 wrong answers. Looking at how my golf had been up till then I was full of confidence for the tee off at hole 1. The first stroke was nice, made the shot easily, had some good distance. Second shot wasnt so good, but still managed to put in 7 (par4). From there on it went downhill and downhill very fast. The second hole I lost 4 balls in the water, 3rd hole another two. This made it impossible to for me to finish within in the mandatory 22 strokes. I choked, this has never happened to me before, but i honestly chocked. I do feel a bit gutted about not getting past the practical part of the exam. Mostly because I had been hitting very well the entire weekend. On the other hand I will be getting another weekend of golf pro lessons for free 😉
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