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March 26th, 2009 No comments
Urgh, woke up to find I had a major leak in my downstairs toilet. There was about a centimeter of water on the floor. I blame my neighbour, she recently renovated her house. She put a new roof on her part of the conversion. That's when the problems started. There was no leak, now with a new roof on her part of the conversion there is a leak. She says her part of the roof can't be the problem, because she has a new roof. She seems to trouble comprehending that putting in the new roof might be the cause of the trouble. Now it's time to see what the insurance covers exactly. Update: well insurance covers everything except structural damage :s. I did have a roofer over, he fixed the leak. The problem was definitely caused by the neighbour rebuilding her roof. So with some luck I can get her insurance to pay for the costs. We are both insured with the same company, so I don't expect any problems. But most importantly, I can now use the toilet without droplets of water falling on my head 😉
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