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PS3 Firmware 2.7, FIFA09 trophies, Killzone 2

April 6th, 2009 1 comment
This weekend I played a couple of games of FIFA09 with Klaus, Wouter and Emiel. I first had to update my PS3 tot firmware version 2.7. For me personally it doesn't add any really interesting options, except for the auto levelere for music files. If you have a lot of PSN friends the new chat options is pretty handy. Now the really cool update I did was for FIFA09! My FIFA09 now has trophies! For those not familiar with the trophies system a quick explanation. You get a trophy if you complete a set task in a game. For instance you get one for the first goal you score with the head, or a volley. You have different level trophies, bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Bronze trophies are easiest to get and platinum the hardest. I find trophies add an extra dimension to a game, you put in this little bit of extra effort knowing it will result in a rewards. I guess that primal instinct to do/like things that give you a rewards is still very active in my brain 😉 Probably driven by the same hunger that makes me like trophies, I've also taken a liking to FIFA09 Ultimate Team. It is an add-on for FIFA09. It basically adds a cardtrade system to FIFA09. You buy booster packs from coins you earn playing games. The cards give you access to better players, stadiums, coaches and gamecards. Gamecards allow you to temporarilly alter the game dynamics. Make players faster, make opposition slower, influence the ref, etc, etc. If you no longer have a need for a certain card, you can add them to your collection (like an old fashioned Panini book) or trade them on the PSN. Last week I also bought Killzone 2. It's a graphically stunning game. Unline anything Ive seen before on the PS3. The level loading is done very nice as well, not a lot of waiting. In the normal skill level the game isn't that hard (except for the fight leading up to Radec). The single player campaign isnt very long, it can be completed in a couple of hours easily. But you don't buy this game for the single player campaign, you buy this game for the online content. This to is exceptional. For the player mechanics it boroughs heavily from Call of Duty 4 (COD4). Just like in COD4 you need to progress in rank to earn new weapons. Completing certain tasks to earn ribbons. When you get enough ribbons of a certain type it opens up some new improvement, like extra granade after you spawn, extra ammo, etc, etc. I prefer the movement in COD4, it's a bit faster, but otherwise Killzone beats COD4 hands down. The environment is mutch darker, maps have a better layout. It feels intenser. If you want to play a game of FIFA09 or Killzone 2 with me, contact me on PSN. My handle is Bermpje.
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