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April 10th, 2009 No comments
Easter is coming up. To be honest, not really looking forward to it. Holidays have a way of making visible the things you would like to change in your life. At least they do for me. And I'm not unhappy or anything, but in retrospect there are some things I would really like to have done differently. I guess I was a bit of dumbass back in the day, hurt some people who I should have kept close and protect instead. You would have thought I'd learned my lessons the first time, but I didn't.  because the second girl I really loved, I blew it again. It doesn't mean I condone her cheating on me, but I do see how my behaviour had a severe impact on what she did. The last six months have been good for me though, did a lot of soulsearching, figured out what I'd like to change in my life, I figured out that if I keep on following the same road I will never be happy.  I often wish I had figured this out a whole lot earlier. But sometimes you need a wake up call. I have had mine, no time so snooze anymore.
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